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Retirement Planning

Retirement is something we are all told we should look forward to. For some, it is a great time to enjoy life. For others, it is a bitter time of making drastic changes in lifestyle and missing out on much of what they looked forward to. Being part of the first group takes planning.

We work with individuals to help reach their retirement goals. It begins with understanding what you see as your retirement. Some people want to do nothing else than play golf every day. Some want to move close to grandkids and help out with them and dote on them. Some want to travel, and some just want to relax in their backyard and take each day as they come. Some want to use the time to volunteer or

learn something new. It is as individual as you are. That is the starting place.

Next is figuring what you will need financially to achieve that. If you are in your late 40s or into your 50s we figure Social Security will provide something in retirement. How much it will be remains open to question and your guess is as good as mine, so we will go with your guess. I try to discount that part of the plan the younger the client is. Once we have an idea of what your costs will be, we look at the effect of inflation between now and when you retire and over your retirement.

We believe in conservative investing for retirement. If your goal is to retire at 62 and not take social security till you are 70, a drop in investments such as happened in 2000 or 2008 or 2020 can drastically change those plans. For the first two, it took two years to just to get back to where it was when it dropped. Being directly tied to the market is not a good strategy for retirement planning. An interesting side note to retirement planning is that most pension plans cannot participate in the stock market. A loss of money would mean the inability to pay what was needed. Why, if pension plan administrators with financial degrees, experience and backgrounds can’t participate in the stock market, why should individuals with little to now experience and background in it be left to the whims of the market? There are other ways to save and get to your goals. Trying for quick hits isn’t a strategy. Steady, continual growth with no losses is a better way to go. I would never want to have to call a client who was ready to retire the end of the year and let him or her know that their retirement fund had just lost 25%, and I know they wouldn’t want a call like that, but it happens when the money is tied to the market.

If you have a 401K plan at work and are participating in it, do you know what you are invested in? Do you know what that fund is invested in? Do you know what your fees are each year with each fund? Did anyone sit down with you to discuss your ideas of retirement and what it will take to reach the goals or are you just signed up and putting away as much as you can and hoping for something good in the end. To me, that isn’t planning. It is hoping. It is wishing. It is dreaming. If you were to take a driving trip to Seattle, you would look at a map, figure how far you could go in a day, what it would cost for gas, hotels and meals on the trip. You would know what the different prices are for gas. You would find interesting places to stop along the way to make the trip more interesting. You would plan. Unfortunately many people put more planning into what they wear each day than into their retirement because no one has suggested anything and no one has offered to help.

We want to change that. 

Our goal isn’t just to make sure you have what you want when you retire. It is for you to protect what assets you have, grow them and be able to leave them for the next generation. We want to look at your entire financial picture and make sure everything is being done according to a good plan. That takes more time than is generally done signing people up for the 401k plan. It takes review and adjusting since your life isn’t static. Kids are born, grandkids are born, you change jobs, get a promotion, a parent needs care, you are diagnosed with something that can be managed but needs changes in lifestyle. All kinds of things happen to people all the time. We want to be the trusted resource in your life to come to and know you will get honest answers and be truly cared about.

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